Celebrating 30 years of the International Research Symposium on Talent Education!

The International Research Symposium on Talent Education (IRSTE) is celebrating our 30th anniversary! Our May meeting was cancelled due to COVID-19. Now we are pleased to welcome all researchers, teachers, parents, and inquiring minds to join us from home for a series of three 90-minute Zoom sessions held from August 15-21, 2020.

Sessions on August 15 and 19 will include scholarly research relevant to Suzuki teaching, as well as practical topics like motivation, self-regulation, and parent education. On August 21 we are very pleased to welcome back Dr. Beatriz Ilari, a university professor, researcher, and Suzuki parent who gave our 2018 keynote lectures. Her 2020 keynote Does Participation in Formal Music Education Programs Enhance Children’s Prosocial Skills? will be followed by an online discussion session where we come together to answer questions and discuss applying study results. We hope you will join us for this exciting anniversary celebration!

Conference proceedings are freely available to view here. Click here to download!

The detailed schedule is available via the IRSTE website. Click here to view!

Registration for the online symposium is now open via the SAA website. Click here to register

Note: In recent years, fees for our in-person IRSTE meeting have been $65 for regular registrants and $30 for students. However, in celebration of IRSTE’s 30th anniversary year, we want to ensure the Symposium is open to as many people as possible! We also acknowledge that the COVID-19 pandemic and the anti-racist movement have impacted people’s physical, emotional, and financial health in different ways over the course of 2020. Under the circumstances, we ask registrants to pay a registration cost that is within your means. Our recommended fee is $40, but we gratefully accept your donations for any amount that is feasible.